WiFi Guy

Unleash The Potential Of Your WiFi in Cardiff

We do wifi repairs for homes and small businesses in the Cardiff area

Whether you are a growing office needing extra reach on your network, a hotel with guests needing WiFi in their bedrooms or you simply own a home that needs total WiFi coverage – we have a solution for you. 

Our aim is to have your entire property basking in lovely fast Wifi goodness.

Our Cardiff WiFi engineers can design and build an affordable WiFi network from scratch for your business or home while giving you the option to expand your network in the future. 

Our aim will be to drench you in reliable wired and wireless  connections while you get on with your day. 

The only equipment we use is by Ubiquiti. It is the perfect combination of reliability and affordable prices, while having the advantage of everything seamlessly working together in the Unifi ecosystem. It gives you full control of your network and is fully scaleable.